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Invisalign - Not Worth the Money

40 year old who has had a gap in front two teeth...

40 year old who has had a gap in front two teeth all my life. As teenager had crowns put on to close the gap, but as adult pulled a back molar which left a hole and the gap returned. Had a bridge put in the back molar hole to 'fill' the place the molar had been removed from and then got Invisalign. Worked very well. Gap closed in 6 months, problem is within a week of finishing treatment and not wearing the trays any longer, the gap returned. Have to wear a retainer every night and as someone else mentioned, throughout the day the gap widens and at night the retainer must be forced back into place. Its a never ending cycle. Not worth the money and I feel has been a failure!

I had braces twice and my teeth are crossing pretty good again! would like to get invisalign! Ur ortho was cheap i live in dallas, where did u go? or anyone that knows somewhere cheap in dallas

Have you considered putting in the permanent retainer (wire) behind your teeth? That's what I plan on doing.
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Would not go to a regular dentist, would go to ortho. instead

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