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I trust in my doctor, and I am only posting this...

I trust in my doctor, and I am only posting this here so I can share with others who may be going through the same thing and feeling a bit scared, and I want to read other stories. I had Fraxel Repair done on my entire face and neck. I am on day three, and my face is now severely swollen, red, burning sensation and leathery. I had a follow up yesterday, but my face looked better yesterday than it does today. My doctor says swelling is normal. I have to admit I am terrified my skin will not go back to normal. It just looks so severe now. Should my skin feel like this now, and will it heal? I am keeping a vaseline/ointment on my entire face, doing three gentle washes followed by placing vinegar/water soaked gauge on my face three times a day. Has anyone else experienced Fraxel Repair on his or her entire face and neck, and have you had the swelling, and rough texture to the skin? I cannot hardly look at myself now. I am very afraid and wish I had not done this. Everyone is saying it is part of the healing, but this is difficult to understand when you look and feel like you have been through a meat grinder..How can skin go through this type of treatment and go back to normal. I would love to read others experiences.

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I have had 3 Fraxel treatments done but to smaller areas of my face and I am thrilled with the results. My face did feel a little rough during healing but never a crust. Hang in there and good luck.

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like it is never going to get better...but I am hanging in there, thanks for asking...and yes I will post before, day-by day after, and the finish results.
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Its been a few days. How are things? Are you seeing any improvement in your skin?

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I will update my pictures after I am healed to show the before and after.
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Thanks, we would love to see more pictures from you.

How are you feeling today?

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I can definitely understand why you would be freaked out! A lot of the reviews I've read talk about similar stuff to what you are saying. Below are some links for you to read. Hopefully it will offer you some comfort.

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Please keep us update on how your healing is going and what you are experiencing so others will be able to learn from your experience.

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