Day 3 of Fraxel Repair - Swelling, Whiteheads, You Name It

Well, I was told these would be the typical side...

Well, I was told these would be the typical side effects. I woke up on Day 2 with my eyes swollen shut! Thank God my husband was home to drive me to my post-op appt. My entire face was swollen too and I did not look at all like myself. I also started getting very small whiteheads so my dr. started me on an antibiotic that should clear it up. He also gave me a prescription strength of zyrtec as he thought I may also be having an allergic reaction to something as the eye swelling was probably more than he's seen.

Today (day 3) my eyes are not as swollen but face is still and under my chin and neck are swollen. I go back to my dr. for another post-op checkup and hopefully the swelling will have subsided a bit more.

I'll update more tomorrow but wondering if anyone else out there had this level of swelling as well and how long did it take for it to all go down. Thanks


Hi - I really don't know what settings he used but I think he used something a bit different around my eyes since I said that was the area I was most concerned about. (I think it was either ActiveFX or DeepFX). I'd have to say at week 3, my skin felt very smooth and soft. It's now 5 weeks post fraxel and I feel very comfortable with absolutely no makeup. The bleaching cream is working on the bronzed color and allover even skin tone. My dr. hasn't taken post op pictures yet so looking forward to that to see the before/after. I believe we're scheduled to do that in July. Yes, I took the antibiotic plus an antibiotic cream for the whiteheads and he told me to stop using the ointment on the areas that were breaking out. This cream made me super itchy but dried up the whiteheads in no time. After about a week I just used the moisturizer all over but continued to use the ointment under and around my eyes. I bet the aquaphor works just as well as the TNS ointment but I'd ask your doctor and ask about the antibiotic cream.. perhaps he can give you some samples. Good luck!
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Hi Anon! Thank you so much for sharing! I am on day 3 post-repair in Austin. Kind of scary right now! What does your skin feel like at week 3? Is it leathery or soft? I go to the doc tomorrow. Hopefully I can stop the Aquaphor because I'm getting whiteheads too (and plus it's just gross). Should I get the TNS ointment when I'm there? Did you like it? Trying not to spend too much more, though! Thanks and best wishes! Mer p.s. what settings did your doc use? i believe mine used the highest! p.p.s. I'm on tetracycline antibiotic. Is that what your doc gave you?
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Thank you for sharing! I have most of these products and am about to switch over.
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I'm being optimistic in saying yes to it being worth it as I don't believe I'm experiencing anything out of the ordinary for a Fraxel RePair procedure.

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