Undereye Fat Transfer - Texas

I had fat transferred to reduce my under eye bags...

I had fat transferred to reduce my under eye bags about 11 months ago. I am very happy with the results. I am young, and the bags under my eyes were genetic, so plastic surgery was my only real hope of getting rid of them.

The recovery can be a bear, but the results make it worth it! I was bruised for 4 weeks. The fat was "hard" for about 7 months, meaning I really couldn't smile normally. It was hard to swim/take a shower for the first 3 months b/c my eyes would start crying.

My surgeon was awesome - really attentive and gave me great results! I had one procedure (under general anesthesia) that lasted about 2 hours.

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That recovery sounds brutal. :( I've seen a few bad under eye fat transfers, so I'm glad it eventually worked out for you. Thanks for posting your experience.

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