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Just Did my 4th One Today 4/24/2022 - Texas

I have had acne since the fifth grade( I am 24...

I have had acne since the fifth grade( I am 24 Now) and I have tried lasers back when I was 19. I notice a slight difference I am hoping since they went as high as the company can let them go I will notice more results within a few weeks. I may get a 5th one free on another HIGH setting as today. Then, 2 Microdermbrasions. I went back last week before my 4th treatment and let them see my face and they even said it isnt where they want it to be. I want to have faith and believe if after a few weeks this one doesnt change much they will do another free. I hope! Very upsetting cause I spent alot and was so excited. I do have scarring not ice pick but do have acne scarring and do still breakout. Hope this works just can't believe I am on my 4th already!

I got my 5th one today hurt like heck!! Then have...

I got my 5th one today hurt like heck!! Then have one more micro. Kind of sad it is almost all over and still alot is the same. I know these things take time but your first time you don't know what to expect or how long to see major results. I will go to my derm in a few weeks and hopefully get on an antibiotic... We will see.. A little too much pain for me to not see major GREAT results.. I dont know!
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I love my nurse and had a new one today and loved her. I love the main person too. It isnt the clinic it is my skin. They say it is "thick" We will see. I would think after 3 they would know more and know It may not work for me. We will see after 4th one and possibly a 5th.

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Well, I have had acne all of my life. I had ematrix a couple of years ago. While the result was slow, I came back from a month or so away from my hair dresser. Both she and her partner asked "what did you do?" your skin looks so much better. did you have surgery? because of my dark skin, pigmentation has always also been result of scarring. Little by little it has allowed me to go with little base makeup. I'm 61 years old and each and every time I am asked for my age men and women alike always guess mid forties. I do try to keep my body in shape so that helps. Those little holes from the ematrix went away in about a week for me, and i scar easily. So there. I bought a 3 session for 1500 and had one almost two years ago. Yes,pain but it was all worth it to me. No one can tell I have anything done like those horrid pics of celebs all screwy face. My sis, who isn't cute, had her nose fixed. she looks wrong. My nose is biggish, but that's okay as long as my skin is better. I'm 61 and it looks better than when i was 45. of course, i'm getting older and jowels and stuff are kind of sagging, but more water, eating good and working out helps. Plus, I was divorced in 2006. That was as good as ematrix.

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Try the skinceuticals re texturing serum. The best!
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"It isnt the clinic it is my skin. They say it is "thick" We will see".

Sounds familiar. They're telling me something similar when I'm telling them that there hasn't been any changes to my mom's skin.
NoahsMom, seen any good changes in your skin yet?
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noahs mom....do Not get another one done...it makes pores and scars seem smaller because it ablates all the collagen and tissue underneath
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That's because they are forcing the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.
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That would be disappointing if you weren't seeing much change. I also have battled with acne my entire life. Have you looked into Retin-A? That and a clindamycin lotion have helped me quite a bit, but I'm 10 years older than you, so my skin is probably pretty different. I think it would be worth looking into though, and if you have insurance it should pick them both up so you just have to pay your co-pay. Way less expensive than eMatrix!

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Thank you. I went for my 5th today. Have you done these before?
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No, I haven't tried EMatrix. Since I wrote the last post about Retin-A my skin has totally freaked out on me. I think it might be because I started using a moisturizer with a 30 SPF, and I think its clogging my pores...I don't know, I'm bummed about it. You know how it goes - something seems to work, then your skin flares back up again.

How is your skin doing??

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