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Received Dysport injections (to help with...

Received Dysport injections (to help with migraines, had done this twice before using botox and had zero problems) on a Monday, had headache and nausea for a few days (no big deal), then blurry vision, even double vision for a portion of the fourth day. About a week after initial injection, I began to have extreme fatigue (EXTREME) and flu-like symptoms. VERY very sore throat, cough, lungs feel "heavy", just feel awful. Honestly, I almost never get colds/flu, I don't have allergies, I am normally very healthy (except for the migraines).

When I called to report this to the practitioner, she said I she flu symptoms were not a result of or associated with Dysport. I call BS on that. Still, what proof do I have? None. If this lasts for the duration (4 months?) my quality of life will be pretty pathetic.

I will never ever try Dysport again.

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Welcome to the Dysport community. Oh that is no fun, I'm sorry. I was going to suggest checking out the forum post, Flu Symptoms after Dysport, but you have already been there, which is good. However, I just commented on another review by Salt Lake City341 who had and is having very similar problems and symptoms, it might help. Please keep us updated. 

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The doctor that I had planned on seeing is a good doctor. As for the esthetician, I really cannot rate her other than she denied ever having heard of sore throat and/or flu like symptoms being linked to dysport, based on that only, I will not recommend her.

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