Coolsculpting Back to Back? - Texas City, TX

Hello, I went for my coolsculpting consultation...

Hello, I went for my coolsculpting consultation yesterday. I am 5'4 160 pounds(within 10 pounds of my ideal weight). However I have a shelf or as some people call it a mothers apron than hangs due to my csection 6 years ago. I am very active and I work out alot but regardless of what exercise I do my lower stomach does not loose any fat. At my consultation the doctor reccommended I have two treatments done on my lower abdomen the same day. She said it would be a 40% reduction. Has anyone had the treatment done back to back, on the same area, the same day???? Do you think this would maximize the results??? by the way the cost for both areas would be $1900 total price which is not bad for 2 large applicators.


I was also told I could do two back to back. I choose not too since I was getting two other areas in addition to the abdomen. But they did say that was an option.
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My cosmetic surgery place is now making the same recommendation.
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