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I have always hated my double chin and have been...

I have always hated my double chin and have been thinking about lipo for quite some time. Aqualipo sounded like a good choice as it is supposed to have a quicker recovery time. I had my procedure yesterday late afternoon. There was almost no pain involved (just a bit of pain when the doctor went along the right jawline).

The procedure took less than one hour from start to finish. There was some bleeding from the three incisions (under chin and one along each side of my jaw). The compression garment is not fun and I can tell it will get old wearing it. I go back for my follow up appt. tomorrow morning.

So far, I am very satisified and I can already see some improvement. I found this site to be a good resource while I was researching this procedure. It was nice to hear what "real people" went through and their results.

I will post additional pictures after the swelling has had a chance to go down.


can you say which place you went to for the procedure I am interested to get this done as well

thank you
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Thank you for sharing photos! The compression garment is the worst, especially in the summer.  I didn't sleep much for the 3 weeks I wore it at night.  The swelling does take an amazingly long time to go down and for the final result to be visible, so try to be patient.

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