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I had breast implants in 1997 for 5000. I went...

I had breast implants in 1997 for 5000. I went from a B to a DD. Since then I have gained over 100 pounds. I am sure that had nothing to do with the implants, just a life style change. But I now am a 44M. My back hurts all the time! I constantly think about draining them myself! Just to get some relief! I spent most my life as a B cup, and I think anything smaller would be an improvement. I don't even care what they look like, I just want them out! I have good insurance, with Eastman, but they say no. I am miserable! I think if I knew, removing the saline with a syringe wouldn't kill me I would do it!

Definitely don't attempt to do this by yourself! I'm truly sorry you're in so much pain. It sounds miserable. Have you tried appealing your insurance company's decision? Sometimes you have to really try and try again with them. It sounds like even without your implants, you'd have very large breasts due to your weight gain, so it seems like it could qualify as medically necessary. What about gastric bypass to help you lose the weight? Is that something your insurance company would help cover?

I hope you're able to find some relief. Please keep us posted on your process.

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my doctor did 1 after exam, then nothing!

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