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I've always been very small chested- small B, full...

I've always been very small chested- small B, full A in some bras. Always knew I would get implants, but recently the decisio was pretty much made for me! I have 2 beautiful daughters (3.5yr & a 7 month old) that I breastfed for the first 4 months each. I looooooved my boobs while breast feeding, full C! Anyway, y'all know where this story leads... Milk goes away, boobs deflate, and here I am! I'm scheduled for my BA on Friday 8/31!! So excited! Hoping for a small D, but as long as the girls are where they need to be and are full, I'll be happy :)) Can't wait to share more of my journey soon!


you sound like me!!! i went for my pre op today and decided on 450 in one and 475 in the other. I want to be a full C to a small D. Of course when i tried on the sizers i was freaking out cus they looked HUGE... Im just not used to seeing myself with boobies... Good luck with your surgery. Im scheduled for Sept 6!
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Yep, we know what you're talking about with the post-bf boobs. Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You'll have new breasts by this weekend. Wow!

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