Bottoming out or Capsular Contracture? - Texas

I am 4 weeks post op for breast aug, I've noticed...

I am 4 weeks post op for breast aug, I've noticed my left breast is looking slightly different than my right. I have no pain on the left side. I am very concerned and wondering if I need to massage the breast or leave them alone. I just started wearing a underwire bra, I'm not sure if its the bra. Please help!


Ebruce, what have you found out?
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What u have appears to be an implant animation deformity. This is caused by the placement of the implant under the muscle. As the pocket heals its attached to the muscle so when u flex it causes this crease. You can read more about it :
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May be a little bit of both?? Hard to tell. I would quit wearing an underwire and get a microfiber bra. You can put bikini cups in there to hide the nips. Sometimes double bubble fixes itself. Have yout alked to your PS yet? If its bottoming out, sometimes you can tell b/c the implant falls below the incision site. But you also look like you have more fullness under than on top. which is another possible indication. Let us know what you find out from your PS?
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