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Even as a gymnast and athlete I NEVER had the butt...

Even as a gymnast and athlete I NEVER had the butt. Now that I'm in my 40's it's downright silly. I spend hours at the gym, hrs on the stair machine & I've lunged & squatted my knees to an early death. I gained the dreaded 25 lbs with age (which I lost but regained on purpose) and not a single ounce found my sad, depressed tush. UGH. I've been searching and researching for years and I'm hoping this is it. My super sweet husband tells me he loves my body (he really really loves me :-)), but this is about having a bangin behind in my jeans. This is about not having to run to my closet to remove the dreaded butt pad before he see's me. I would love for him to pat by behind without having to look for it first. Mostly, I've always wondered why people felt it's OK to point out and verbalize their unsolicited observation my nonexistent Bum, "Butt" Change is coming soon!!" Tune in to my journey. Advice is warmly welcome. :-)


Heyyy Ms Peyton! your post was humorous tho I feel your pain. Good luck with everything and feel free to call on me for advice, support and all around banter and tom foolery. Hopefully, it hellps ease all our nerves...
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Thanks!! It was either a car or a BBL. It wasn't difficult getting a yes from my husband, either way he says he gets a new ride. ;-) I've opted for an implant and fat grafting combo because its just too flat and I seriously don't want to gain weight. I've emailed Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Cortes, so now I'm just waiting.
looking forward to hearing your journey! keep us updated :^)
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It's official. My deposit will be applied and I'm...

It's official. My deposit will be applied and I'm scheduled for July 2013, BUT I really want it done in February. I've been placed on a list just in case there's a cancellation. Fingers crossed! Now, I need to start getting supplies.


Big change. i found out that I can't schedule a 2 week vacation that far in advance. Now I feel like I'm back to square one. since Dr. Salama is booked until July, I see no relief in sight. So bummed. Thank goodness Nancy was off and wasn't running my deposit until Monday.
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Final consensus....no implant. Just removing and replacing of fat. :-)
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