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I was a client of LIPOZAP - Terrible - Costa Mesa, CA

I was a client of LIPOZAP and I did take the first...

I was a client of LIPOZAP and I did take the first treatment, but it has terrible I couldn't stand the pain, I was not able to stand, walk, or sit-down. I decided to cancel the rest of the treatment and ask for my REFUND, but until this day 05-16-2008 I am still waiting for a respond. I started asking for a REFUND on 09-10-07, like I said I am still waiting, I call them everyday to make sure they are still around. Recently they change there name again and they know I been calling them in regards my refund and they never mention anything to me, I found out by my self. The service is terrible they don't know what to tell you when you ask for a REFUND, they keep talking about "She has it, She know about your situation", but the tricky part is that they don't want to tell you her name. I call the other day and I ask " Why you don't tell me her name so I could stop calling you, and "she said,we are not aloud to say her name".

Now my question is what are they hiding why they tell you all kinds of stories and they not responsible with what they need to do. My personal advise is to stay away from this treatments and this kind of people that you don't even know if they are LINCESE. Just try to control you eating and what you eat and try to do excirse at least for 30minutes everyday and you will be find. Don't try this it is not recomended. They are not even DOCTOR's.

Hi Sunny008, My name is Kandice, I am in the same situation with you, but it costed me $4,800 for 4 areas. Today July 7th, 2008 I decide to give them a call, because I am half way done on my treatments and last week, they called and left a message on my answering machine at home, that my appointment on Jyly 12th in Costa Mesa location has been cancelled with no father instruction what so ever, I found that was odd. And guess what, they are no longer in business as of when, I am not sure, I was shocked, and I could not reach any live person to talk to at all at the # that they told you to call. If you have any info how to claim back your refund or any news at all about them (Lipozap in Costa Mesa), would you please let me know. Thank you so much in advance. Kandice L. {edited contact information} Editor note: You must be contacted privately to receive the information you requested. This requires free registration for an account. When registering, you must opt-in to receive private messages (a check box).

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