Teosyal - Very Worth It

Yes, I got one treatment for $430.00. I was in...

Yes, I got one treatment for $430.00. I was in Costa Rica having a different procedure, when I found this dermatologist in my doctor's building. I made an appt for filler and got teosyal filler. I am extremely pleased. My doctor was very skilled at placement. I had a lot of time to apply the numbing cream, so not much discomfort. My application was two weeks ago, so I cannot comment yet on the length or results, but I am very pleased so far. I had used Juvederm in the past, and I don't know if it was the doctor or the product, but I had bruising, redness and swelling with that, and no side effects with teosyal. Literally, when I walked out of the appt, there was no evidence of a procedure, other than a fuller face.

I'm getting a doctor at CIMA do mine on january 9th ;-) super excited as I usually use juvadrem. Did you have any swelling other then the plump effect the product actually gives? I just don't want my husband to know... I get a very small amount each time, I split the syringe in 4 so I usually go 3 times before the full effect is there. This way it's not all huge at once. :-)
I had my upper lifted injected with kiss teosyal, the swelling went down in approx 3 days and I love the result ; my dr said he uses a much smaller syringe than the one that comes with the kit, it allows him more control. I think the results a person gets with fillers and such depends greatly on the dr doing it.
I just had filler and stem cell injections (both in nasolabial) together with thread lift however I do have bruises and swelling. The doctor gave me antibiotics to help reduce swelling. I am worried as I just read on lumps development after usage of teosyal.
Dr. Svetlana, Clinica Biblica Hospital

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