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I had teosytal injected yesterday(2 dermadeep)to...

I had teosytal injected yesterday(2 dermadeep)to restore facial volume in my lower face, I am 45 and was not please with my face sagging. Altough I have some little bruises the result is so far amazing. I am now anxious to see how long it will last but so far I would repeat the experience even if it is a bit expensive.I think it is VERY important to find a experience doctor to do the injection the result depend on that matter(I am french speaking so sorry for the grammar).Now all I need to do is enjoy my new youth!


i had done it too,yesterday,its swollen but the lines stil there,i want too know,is it going to work,or is it not working on me,would like to here from someone from someone who had the same experience,thanks
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i did have done it yesterday,around de lips,but i dont see a result,its swollen,but i see de lines stil there, what do you think?are the wrinkles going or not????i thougt it was gone instandly, but no,it cost me 500 euro,anybody know?????anwers me please
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I had it done too, just over 2 weeks ago...the lines are starting to return, at first the results seemed A+, but once the swelling goes down that seems to be another story. Would like to hear from others who have had it say for at least 1 or 2 months..and what their results are.
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