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Going In for a second consultation, still don't...

Going In for a second consultation, still don't know what size am wanting and don't know if I should go with saline or silicone. (Age) 21 (Weight)145 (Height) 5'4. Currently 36A, I don't want them to look to big. The doctor suggested 400cc. I want to be a full c. Suggestions would be greatly Appreciated


Hello there. Honestly, the more research you do on this site and others, I think 400 cc might be a little big. I have yet to have surgery. I have a second consultation coming up soon. But from what I've researched, I'm thinking between 320 and 350 to achieve a C cup (if starting with an A cup). That's exactly what I'm going for, and I don't want to end up huge. Good luck.
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