Lasted Less Than 30 Days in Lower Lip - Tennessee

I had Restylane put in my lower lip. It only...

I had Restylane put in my lower lip. It only lasted about 30 days. WAY too expensive for such a short result. I had Juvederm put in the lines around my mouth a year ago and I still notice the results. The doctor I went to when I moved to TN only had Restylane.

Next time I will do Juvederm in my lip since it did so well on my face. I wouldn't recommend Restylane only because of the very poor lasting ability. Otherwise it looked nice going out of the doctor's office.

In March I had Restylane put around my mouth and the folds only one side, went back 2 wks later for a touch up, here i sit, with the same wrinkles I had 2 months ago, Im calling the nurse tomorrow morning and talking to her about the Juvederm, since I read ur post, maybe their is still hope?? I had no problems at all with Restylane. Paid $1000, cant afford that every month in a half!

I guess on the bright side you figured out what does/doesn't work for you, to bad it was kind of an expensive way to figure it out though. :-/

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