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Not a Dysport Fan - Tennessee

Had about 100 units of Dysport for 11's and to...

Had about 100 units of Dysport for 11's and to give a little lift in the brow area. The 11's are mostly gone, but after about 5 day my left eyelid started to droop. The vision in that eye is also a little blurry. And no lift in the brow area. I have had Botox for this several times with no problem whatsoever. I won't be doing Dysport again. Think I will stick to Botox. The drooping is not obstructing my vision, but it is making me very self conscious. It's also annoying because my contacts are bothering my eyes now too. I call the injector today and she said she couldn't tell me anything until she could see me which won't be until at least Friday. I am just hoping this wears off soon and I can get my Botox again.


Update... Went back to the same office but saw a different injector. She saw the droopy lid and said I'd really have to wait it out. She sad I could try the drops but they'd rather not give them to me because they have side effects of their own. I told her I didn't get any brow lift either which is what I was looking for. She added some more Dysport over the brow and said that she would have done the initial injections differently. That was Wed. I still have the droopy left lid and now my right brow is heavy. I'm sure there are people who've had good results with Dysport but I hate it. I would like to get another opinion but no one wants to touch you after someone else has treated you. Oh and the blurry vision has gotten worse as well.
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I have read through them. Thank you. I wish more pros would weigh in on the comments. You see alot of complaints just like mine but no resolutions to the issues. I should add that I also wear contacts so that could be some of the blurry vision. I am going to try a new pair and see if that helps.
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Hi smsg, 

We actually have a Dysport forum post about Droopy eyelids and a Botox post about "blurry vision" in our Botox forum, you might want to check out both. What made you switch from Botox to Dysport? 



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