Breast Lift and Implant Surgery

Pros: my breasts are perky and younger looking now...

Pros: my breasts are perky and younger looking now after the lift. My breasts also gained size and fullness since my surgeon combined a mastopexy + augmentation/breast lift + implants.

I chose to have the surgery because my breasts sagged after I lost weight and I have always been self conscious of the asymmetry I had (left breast noticeably larger than right). My surgeon was able to correct this asymmetry.

The only con was the discomfort following surgery, however, the pain medications worked well and all in all I had a smooth recovery. Wish I would have taken a few more days off from work, but 7 days was adequate.

Thanks for repying. I consulted a PS in Modesto, Ca. He did my niece's augmentation with good outcome. The other two doctors were in Mexico. One of them did a breast revision for an aunt, who had a bad job done in Vegas by a well known PS. I already have two small scars on one of my breasts from two previous biopsis, so I know that I don't heal well. The biopsis were done more than 9 years ago and you can still see light brown scars (I have fair skin). I'll continue searching :)
I wish you the best in your search for the right plastic surgeon for you. It really is a tough, but important decision. If you need any more information please let me know :)
I am glad everything worked well with you. What type of lift did you have? What cup size are you now? I have been told that my breasts are on the gray zone of going either way with a lift or just the augmentation. I am so afraid of the scars. I am considering just implants and when the time comes to replace the implants then do the lift.
Dr. Richard Pavese

My surgeon came highly recommended to me by a friend. He is skillfull and an expert in his field. My breasts look so natural- NOT huge and obviously fake. He tries his best to provide his patient with the breast size they are requesting but never risks safety for size.

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