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Does Voluma Last? - Tempe, AZ

I have been using Juvederm for years and decided...

I have been using Juvederm for years and decided to try Voluma because of its supposed superior lifting ability and long lasting benefits. I was injected with 2cc of filler early January. After the initial swelling went down the result was less dramatic than expected so I returned 30 days later for 1cc of Juvederm Ultra Plus and a touch up on the Volume. The Juvederm Ultra Plus is more hydrophilic than the Volume so it actually looks better post treatment as the body pulls water to the treated area. Its a bit early to say for sure, but the Voluma appears to not retain much volume at all. Is there anyone else who has experienced the same?


Any updates on Voluma? Discussed it with doctor at my consult today, she said she doesn't inject patients until volunteers (staff) have it long enough to dissapate, so she knows how long it lasts. This doc sounds like a keeper :)
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My post is in regards to Voluma in the cheek area, not regular Juvederm.
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Yes. I haven't tried straight Juvederm on my cheek area. I had one full syringe injected in each cheek. At first it looked great, then 2 weeks later it was almost gone, so I went back and had another syringe injected: half on one side and half on the other. That was the firs week in April, 2014. Here it is June 13, and honestly, it's almost all gone too. Very disappointed at having spend all that money.
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You need more syringes with Voluma

I've continued to experiment with use of Voluma over the Juvederm Ultra Plus I've used for the past six years. The pros - Voluma is very natural looking and people actually think I'm 15 years younger than I am, I get jaw dropping comments about my age and yet people still ask if I have ever tried fillers which means its subtle and not obvious. The cons- the higher per syringe price tag and worse the need for alot more product. I have had about 9 syringes injected all over the face in the last ten months. Had I used Radiesse I would have needed about half of that. It remains to be seen if the product will last anywhere near the manufacture's promise of two years. If you want to try it just go in knowing you will need more syringes than you would with Juvederm Ultra Plus or Radiesse to achieve the same results since Voluma's full and lifted look is short lasting, even if much of the product is still in the dermis.


Hey Kitters, great review -- I appreciate the honesty and wow you are wonderfully well-informed! I have done Radiesse and have been shall we say...underwhelmed by the lasting effects. I read on a doctor's site that the Radiesse people exaggerated the longevity of the product. Once the carrier fluid for the bonelike particles dissipates I find Radiesse to not last very long at all, but then, I metabolize the heck out of most meds. So I was hoping Voluma might be another possiblity that lasts longer, but from what I am hearing - not only from you but from others -- the Allergan folks tend to lie I mean exaggerate the longevity of Voluma. They kind of pushed it TOO much (at least on me) and i got almost sick of hearing the hype all over the internet and on tv, in fact they really should have toned it down, but still I was hoping..... it seems it does go pretty darn quickly and to get any longevity at all you would need to do tons and tons of it (something Allergan knew but failed to disclose.) Funny, I had asked my dr who did my Radiesse what he thought of Voluma and if he thought it was a better substance. He said no, that it appeared overhyped. Then I think Allergan got to him or something because the very next week he had his office manager call me all excited to have me try the new stuff called Voluma, which confused me. Maybe he forgot he had told me it wasn't worth it? Weird. So...if you had to CHOOSE between Radiesse or Voluma for cheek volume which would it be? Because I am now desiring to get the volume back but I don't want to pay more unless the voluma actually lasts. I think they need to go back and change those ridiculous ads proclaiming it can last up to two years as it seems almost fraudulent. Is it?
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I would choose Radiesse IF you have an injector who is experienced with it and uses a cannula for injection. Non of the products seem to last more than six months, but Radiesse stays firmly put, does not migrate like HA fillers do and has superior lift effect while its in place. However, since there are injection risks, such as obstruction and compression its not as safe as something reversible, so I would insist that the injector use a cannula. My Voluma is holding my face in place, but instead of the sharp cheekline I used to have this just adds fullness I think its less pretty.
Hey Cyn, I think 400 is so very little to pay that can I ask how much you had? This is far too little to pay for voluma as most could attest. Can anyone explain this? Or perhaps he only used a fifth of a syringe? Odd. Even odder still is how it could have been used for eye bags -- voluma is used primarily for lifting in the cheek area. Can you tell us where it was placed that helped your eye bags (until it quit)? And regardless of how cheap the price is, four hundred dollars is still waaaay too much to pay for only a few days of lifting!
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