SL/chin and Knees - Temecula, CA

After reading several postings pre and post SL I...

After reading several postings pre and post SL I felt compelled to tell my tale. I am a 40 yr old female w/ 3 teenagers. I am what you would call a gym rat. I workout everyday w/out fail. So I am pretty physically fit. However, I had a very small amount of fat under chin area and felt like the skin was going to start sag. I also decided to do the inner knee, mostly for the skin tightening aspect, as there was not alot of fat there either.

I wore the head band for the 72 hours as directed and FINALLY took it off morning of the 4th day and resumed my normal workouts. I definitely had swelling but assumed it would resolve w/in a couple days. By day 7 my chin was extremely swollen and I was panicking. I did some more research about this and discovered people were using Arnica for the swelling. So I ran to Lindberg a lotion named Glucosamin, MSM & Arnica. And the Arnica pellets.

Let me tell you, it has SAVED me. I started using both right away and I also started icing like crazy (hours at a time). That was day 7 and I am now day 10 and the swelling is 90% gone!!! It went from getting worse to getting better.......USE IT....right away.

As far as results, I can't tell yet. I've read it takes months to see results so I'll hafta see how it goes later.

Thanks for the review! How are your results? Who was your doctor?

Thanks for the great recovery tips! It's pretty remarkable to be that un-swollen by day 10. :) Please keep us posted on how you're doing and what your results look like.

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