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Venus Freeze for Wrinkles on Face - Temecula, CA

I am 41 yrs old. I am noticing more wrinkles and...

I am 41 yrs old. I am noticing more wrinkles and overall droopiness on my face. My neck is getting droppy. I have chest wrinkles. I decided to try Venus Freeze in all 3 areas. It is FDA approved for wrinkle treatment. I have had 1 treatment. I noticed a difference imediately. The biggest confirmation is in the morning when i wake up. My skin can be more wrinkly than normal due to sleep on a pillow in one position for hours. The wake up wrinkles are gone! I notice this on my face an my chest! I cannot wait for the next treatment!!.

Rejuv Med Spa

I will have pictures soon.

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I've had 8 treatments on my face/neck. All improvements have disappeared 3 weeks after the last treatment. Did anyone else have this experience?? FYI I also had my treatments at Rejuv.
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that is very disheartening....can your provider explain why this is? it seems like a total waste.
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No. I've tried having 'maintenance 'treatments every 3 weeks also. I look great for a couple of day, but effect does not last. I compare it to a really good (expensive) facial, no more ;-(
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that is strange....and so not worth the expense. is it a spa or a physician where you are doing this? i would be furious about so much money wasted. may be you can contact venus people and ask to speak to someone and try to get some answers. bottom of their home page has some links to their twitter and facebook page. if i were in your place i would insist on some explanation, although they all say 'results may vary' but vanishing results...? good luck and keep us posted. http://venustreatments.com/about-venus-freeze-treatments http://venus-concept.com/venus-freeze/overview/
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It's a physicians office but I've never seen the doctor. The girl who does the treatment was trained to do it. She's competent and keeps a close eye on the temperature, too hot it will burn, too low it won't work. The immediate results are great, all my lines around my lips disappear, my laugh lines look pretty good too. But it doesn't last. I think the clause 'results may vary' cover my case, but thanks for the info.
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Please let us know how your treatments are working out. I am 41 with the same issues. I want to start saving up for this treatment, but would like to see others' experiences first. Your input is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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One of the biggest causes of face and chest wrinkles is sleeping on your side.
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Fantastic that this is working for you so far! We'd love to see your before and after photos (you can even blur out your eyes if this makes you more comfortable). Looking forward to hearing how other treatments go.

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