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I am 41 yrs old. I am noticing more wrinkles and...

I am 41 yrs old. I am noticing more wrinkles and overall droopiness on my face. My neck is getting droppy. I have chest wrinkles. I decided to try Venus Freeze in all 3 areas. It is FDA approved for wrinkle treatment. I have had 1 treatment. I noticed a difference imediately. The biggest confirmation is in the morning when i wake up. My skin can be more wrinkly than normal due to sleep on a pillow in one position for hours. The wake up wrinkles are gone! I notice this on my face an my chest! I cannot wait for the next treatment!!.


I've had 8 treatments on my face/neck. All improvements have disappeared 3 weeks after the last treatment. Did anyone else have this experience?? FYI I also had my treatments at Rejuv.
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that is very disheartening....can your provider explain why this is? it seems like a total waste.
No. I've tried having 'maintenance 'treatments every 3 weeks also. I look great for a couple of day, but effect does not last. I compare it to a really good (expensive) facial, no more ;-(
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I will have pictures soon.

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