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Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the...

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the posts, this forum is really helping me in my decision process.
I am wanting to get breast implants and breast lift done , I am 45yrs , 5'9" tall and currently weigh 155lbs.
I had put on some weight due to a sports injury and lack of activity from that. Now I am loosing the excess weight and my target weight is 140lbs.
My questions are:
Does one loose sensation in the nipples after the aereolar incision method for augumentation?
Has anyone had keloids form from the procedure and the incisions?
Has anyone had issues with blood clots forming due to the procedure?
Is it better to wait untill I reach my target weight?
Any gals out there who are equestrians that have had breast implants ? if yes, any pros and cons.
Thank you in adavnce.

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