My FUE Hair Transplant in Atlanta with John P. Cole, MD

Many knows me in my nick name on the HT forums...

Many knows me in my nick name on the HT forums (forhair), well i saw all these great reviews here and thought that i need to share my own review to really one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, as one of the developers and a real advocate of FUE he deserve to be mentioned here.

I first came across the idea of hair restoration in a gym, i saw one of these magazines with Bosley advertise. It turned out to be the best decision of my life to continue researching for the best doctor on the interent as i know so many people who got totally screwed up back them with ugly nasty scars.

I was 33 years old when i first met Dr. Cole in a consultation in Greece in 2003 (he was demonstrating FUE for the first time), After i met with him i knew after a lot of research that i will allow only this guy to touch my head. I had 3 sessions total of 2400 grafts, he was very careful with me back then in the early years of FUE and the reason was that my grafts were extremely difficult to extract. Although i personally want to make one big session (one procedure) , he insist and it payed me back in the end, I had a fantastic results that totally blowed me away. He is so perfectionism that he care about every little thing from how the techs are doing to who throw the trash...i mean his procedure is so precise!

I would recommend anyone, if you want the Mercedes of hair restoration you should do it with Dr. Cole, he is located in Atlanta, GA. There are a lot of testimonials on his website and on the forums, i choose him and i will always be happy about this decision.

Another procedure

Hi all, i might go for another procedure soon, i will keep you all posted if i do with photos and maybe even a video, thanks

My Hair in 2014

I am looking to of another FUE session sometime in the year 2014, i included a photo of my current hair
John P. Cole, MD

I don't need to say much about Dr. Cole's as one of the best FUE hair transplant surgeons, a simple search on the internet will reveal that. He has great passion about HT and about his patients like no other doctor that i know. He spent 3 hours answering my questions and even invite me to a dinner :), After care was great and he checked me at list 5 times. The whole staff and patient care was professional and had a great amount of satisfaction to the whole experience. Read more on his website " Atlanta - John Cole, MD:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for the update, your hair really does look great!!! Can you keep us posted when you have your next treatment :)

Take care!
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Hey there  just checking in to see if you had another procedure?
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Hi Eva, i really wanted to do another one, i was in the US on December but forgot to book a day to do my surgery and Dr. Cole's schedule for that month and also January was already booked. I will try to schedule another one this year but i am not in any rush to do it as my hair is good and stable.
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i included a photo of my hair as for 2014, it's called "My Hair in 2014"
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****** CORRECTION **** Apologies from TDCR for possibly confusing customers w/ my negative review of BOSLEY. Bosley hair systems is NOT affiliated w/ Dr. Cole. I should have posted the warning elsewhere. From what I see here, Dr. Cole looks like the best in the business. Cheers, TDCR. Thanks for the alert from FORHAIR.
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This article mentions Bosley only once. If you're considering warned. Check out Web of Trust (WOT) and other reviews. Veddy Veddy Skeddy regarding lawsuits against Bosley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you all for posting comments on your experience with Hair Restoration Surgery. Just wanted to say I am SHOCKED at the reviews I found online regarding - My God! I surely hope all balding men will research VIGOROUSLY all options before doing a deposit or sitting in the surgery chair! VEDDY VEDDY SKEDDY! See lawsuits on Bosley. WOW!
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Dr. Cole is the recipient of this years (2013) "Golden Follicle Award".
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if you don't talk price you're advertising. Let's keep realself by the people for the people.
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i did mention price, and also i believe that price is different from the time i have done it, i believe that good results and choosing the right surgeon is above all and then the patient need to contact the clinic to get into the details.
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how much did you pay
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I would rather not to talk about my hair transplant pricing on the forums, it's been quite time since my procedures and it will not be fair or accurate to share it as this might be different now. you can contact Dr. Cole's clinic to get more information: **removed contact information as per Community Guidlines*** or through the website: *********** Also hair transplant costs can vary greatly based on donor area availability, type of technique, hair loss, hair loss progression, and your goals and preferences. I will advise not to limit yourself based on how expensive is the doctor you chose rather who is the best for you.
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Other hair restoration companies better than cole in Atlanta.he is very expensive
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If you want strip surgery, Dr. Griffin in Atlanta has been recently turning out some decent work for strip. The problem with strip is a widened scar. This is far more common than the industry lets on and limits the length you can wear your hair. I know of a guy who had two strip surgeries. He got a 1cm wide scar from the second procedure and wears a hairpiece, not to hide the hair on top of his head, but to hide his scar. Dr. Cole is the world leader in FUE. If you want the highest quality natural result, Dr. Cole is the man.
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I agree, Dr. Cole does excellent work and is one of the few physicians willing to use new technology. I believe ACell opens the door to even more advances in regenerative medicine and an extended donor supply.
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Are you using propecia as well? Or are the results we see from the hair transplant alone?
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No, i am not using propecia...on a paleo diet. i tried propecia for 5 months and had some side effects, yes...i am one of these lucky ones :)
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Yes i do, it's not urgent tho...this is the approach i adopted from the beginning, nothing to hurry, i take the time, small multiple sessions until i reach the goal. Now that i lost some of my existing hair it will be great to have another session of 1500-2000 grafts, it's been 6 years since my last session and i saved money. With this approach i fill my head gradually with good density. Dr. Cole advanced his FUE hair transplant techniques since them, ACELL and PRP are great additions and i am sure it's going to be great!
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Hi man, you did a great change definitely, glad to see that you are happy with the decisions taken, that means a lot!

Are you planning to have more work done in the near future?

Thanks and bye!
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I know you want to believe. So do we all. This industry needs us to believe so we keep putting money into it.

But I don't put too much faith in the PRP/Acell. I had PRP done earlier this year and there was no effect. If you read into it, you will see that it is only useful to aid in scar healing. PRP is not effective to regrow hair. Cole makes claims of using Acell with FUE and actually allows the donor site to regenerate itself. I don't really believe it.

If you want to see where the work on hair multiplication/regeneration is you can check out Dr. Gho at HSI in Holland. He claims he can do it. He claims that by bissecting the hairs, you can keep getting more and more hair. In essence, hair multiplication. But he won't really share his results or teach his method to other doctors. And they won't even try because they don't have solid proof it works. (Gho claims it works in some cases, but not all. He doesn't know why that is. Etc. Etc.)

So there you have the quandary. The doctors in this industry have gone on so long with deceit, false promises, medication that doesn't work (Propecia and Minoxidil), and a generally poor track record of success, that they can't even believe each other. Hair multipication is used to give guys like you hope. It gave me hope when I started my HT's, but not anymore. You'll eventually see and know how this HT game works.

First rule: Don't believe everything you hear or read out there. I've been in the hair transplant game for 8 years now and can tell you it's based on false promises. Think about it. Even if you could clone the hairs from the "permanent" zone, they will still get old and die, as the hairs in the donor region do over time. So even that is not an answer to the problem.

I don't think they will ever find the real cure, because they still are not actively trying to answer the right question. The right question is not why do the hairs fall out. The right question is why do the hairs get old and thin in the first place. They'll tell you it's DHT, but that's only part of the answer. The truth is they really don't know, and offer this patchwork solution of hair transplants as a miracle and hair multiplication as hope.

Truth kills sales. You'll never hear a transplant doctor tell you this awful truth.
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Is there *any* cosmetic procedure that does anything but delay the inevitable? Only a small % of men ever keep their hairline into their 60's and 70's....the rest of us experience thinning/balding/etc. I started to lose my hair in my mid 20's, and as a performer this was a definite detriment (I'm not someone who would look good with a shaved head; chickenpox scars and a boyish face don't quite work as well as, say Jason Statham, whom you have mentioned in other posts). I got a transplant (this was before FUE was around), and have been more than happy with the results. I take Finasteride daily, and you may be right that it only works for 5 years or so, but hey...that bought me five years!:) My hairline was started to creep back a bit and I am considering "topping up" my HT. I think you make good points, but as I said, every cosmetic procedure is simply delaying the inevitable, until genetic manipulation can fend all this off for good. Skin that has been lifted will sag, fillers will run out, cellulite will return...but if we can keep all these things at bay for an extra 10, 15, 20 years, then that is what we are paying for, in the end. Then when we're old and wrinkly, who cares? I have a sneaking suspicion that when I'm in my 50's or 60's there will be new developments that will help. And if not, I had hair for about 20 years longer than I would have otherwise. seems like an ok trade off to me.
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ACell is of great value. PRP works well to speed and improve healing. Some patients see a difference in hair shaft diameter after PRP treatments. Dr. Cole offers 100% natural appearing results and I have seen near hopeless cases of hair loss and butchery from previously surgeries successfully repaired.
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i think when i will be 60 it will be less of concern to shave the head of needed. there is plenty of time until i rich that age and i am sure there will be new inventions...Dr. Cole started new treatments with PRP/Acell hair regeneration and shows success...this is just one example:
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Thanks for being honest with your results. Yeah, the hair loss never really stops. It's demoralizing for a lot of men to pay so much money and have to keep paying just to keep up wit the hair loss.

But it truly is one of the advantages of FUE over strip. If a patient can understand that they will keep thinning, and accept that, then they have the option of shaving it down close once hair loss finally wins the war. You will have that option.

Those of us that did strip will never have that option. We can get more grafts (with strip and topping off with FUE) than a strictly FUE patient, so the opportunity for more density is there at the trade off of the scar.

To be honest, I think you made all the right choices as far as a hair transplant is concerned. Right doctor, right procedure, right attitude. But to be completely honest, when you are older (50's? 60's?) you will be probably be shaving it down because the transplanted hairs (there is nothing permanent about those hairs; don't believe the hype) will start dying and thinning. But you will have that luxury because of the FUE.

In the end, there is no winning against hair loss. But at least you know that and have a long term view of what is coming and willing to accept it. Good luck with your future procedures!
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