Time to Whiten!

So I have decided it is time to brighten my smile...

So I have decided it is time to brighten my smile a bit. My teeth are pretty white naturally but seeing that I am an avid coffee drinker (true Seattle girl) I'm not loving the little bit of dinginess I see in the mirror.

I have used Crest white strips in the past and was always pleased with the results, but the new material they are made of is quite a bit thicker. I'm concerned it won't get in between the teeth as well and could result in uneven whitening.

Fortunately I have whitening trays, so now it is just a matter of choosing the product. I'm heavily leaning towards Dr. Georges Dental White. Another community member (T in Texas) wrote about it in her Invisalign review and the pictures she posted showed pretty dramatic results. I tried the Rembrandt gel but didn't see any real results.

My teeth are pretty sensitive, so I started using Sensodyne toothpaste and a fluoride rinse at night to prep my teeth for the whitening and hopefully decrease the sensitivity I will feel.

If anyone has recommendations for what brand of gel to try let me know! I haven't ordered it yet & would love to hear what worked for you!

Updated 9/26/11

So I received my Dr. Georges Dental White in the mail a couple of weeks ago, but the combination of not wanting to give up my mochas & it being blueberry season kept me from taking the plunge & starting my whitening. Well, yesterday I finally committed and am now on the "white diet".

I found that loading the gel from the container they send it in, into the syringe you are suppose to use to load your trays to be a messy procedure.

Once the trays were in I had a tiny, tiny twinge of sensitivity from a tooth on my upper right but nothing bad at all. When I took the trays out my gums were not white, but I could see the dehydration of my teeth, which I took as evidence it was working.

I'll do another round tonight. Since I don't need a huge change in shade I will probably only do it once a day for a week, but we'll see. Happy I haven't had any real discomfort with this. I'm not sure if it is due to the brand of gel I'm using (instead of Crest White Strips or the Rembrandt gel) or if it is more due to the fact that I have used Sensodyne & Act rinse for the last 3-4 weeks!

I'll let you know the final results when I'm all done. :)

Updated 10/17/11

So I did about 8 days of the Dr. Georges Dental White. I do want to say that because my teeth are sensitive I ended up usually only doing it once a day. I didn't have great results. I think they are a tad lighter, but nothing significant and I still like to see them a full shade lighter, but apparently I don't want it that bad because after day 8 I was ready to go crazy from not having any chocolate or coffee & decided I was done. I waited a few more days to have coffee & chocolate until the "pores" in my enamel had time to close. I'm back to happily swigging my morning & afternoon mochas now. Perhaps I'll give it another go in a few months, but for now good enough!

Updated 9/19/12

I have gone back to Crest White Strips. They are just so easy and convenient, and give my teeth the little whitening touch up I need a couple times a year.

Crest White Strips 1 hour and 2 hour Express

I was picking up Crest White Strips at Costco back in December and one of the packages had a little deal where you got two of the 2 hour Express strips for free. I bought it, used the two 2 hour strips and was good to go. I didn't even use the main box I bought.

I was hooked! So much easier than doing a full week of the treatments! I did use Sensodyne toothpaste for several days before, and a fluoride mouthwash to cut down on the sensitivity (since my teeth are sensitive) but surprisingly the sensitivity wasn't that bad. I thought it might be since its a faster acting product.

Last weekend I went to buy more. The usual drug store I go to was out, so I headed to Target. They had 1 hour Express, and I thought I must have been remembering wrong and that I must have used a 1 hour product previously, so I bought them. I've been a bit disappointed. They are still working, and the package came with 4 sets, so it'll work for the touch-up I wanted, but they definitely aren't as good as the 2 hour Express strips...which I found out they also make by doing a quick Google Search. Hey, at least I had remembered right, too bad I didn't do my Google Search before plunking down $43 for the 1 hour treatments though! Oh well, they'll work and I'll be sure to get the 2 hour next time.

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Can you eat colored foods after using the strips or trays? What specifically can u not have?
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Hi, Brush twice a day keeps your teeth healthy. What are your suggestions about stripes? Tell me more about your experience.
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I'm sorry, I'm not fully understanding what you are asking. When you say stripes do you mean little striation lines in the teeth, or whitening strips?

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Do you get the Crest white strips from your dentist i.e. prescription strength or over the counter like Costco?
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I just do the over the counter ones. Honestly I didn't even know there were prescription strength ones! I did buy mine at Costco - much less expensive than the other stores I checked.

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Thanks for comparing both. I am on my own quest for whiter teeth but I'm afraid of lasers (sensitive teeth) and worried that trays will be too high maintenance. (I'm a simple girl. :) So it gives me hope to hear that the White Strips ended up winning out!

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Oh yeah, the strips are great! I recently tried the 2 hour ones and didn't experience too much sensitivity with them, much to my surprise. I did use Sensodyne toothpaste & a fluoride rinse for about a week before trying them, but all went well. Let me know if you try the strips!!

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I use Sensodyne toothpaste all the time. I'm such a wimp!

I've tried whitening tape (which is like floss) and that did nothing, so whitening strips are next. I'll keep you posted.

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Awe, you're not a wimp. Sensitive teeth are no fun, and its a great help for that.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the strips!

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hey doll. save all the hassle and get them lasered, if yur that bothered bout them being falling snowfall white, but im sure they look beautiful just as they are, it's only u that is judging them,everyone else will just see a wonderful smile cause in the end thats wot we all want, a big happy smile... merry xmas xxx
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I completely agree with you that a big happy smile is the best smile, regardless of color...but given the choice, I'll lean to the brighter side. Hope you have a great Christmas as well! :)

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Great to hear from you Megan. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
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Sure thing! If you decide to try anything for teeth whitening, let us know how it goes. :)

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