Teeth Whitening Was Severely Painful and 1 Week Later my Teeth Are Unevenly Colored

I did the Zoom treatment because the dental staff...

I did the Zoom treatment because the dental staff told me it would last "forever" and promised "amazing" results. I visited the Zoom website and saw nothing about pain, or gel treatments that perpetuate the pain and go on for life, or that your gums could sustain severe damage & bleeding that takes many days to heal an (mine did), or that your teeth could end up unevenly colored (patches of white among varying other shades of white patches and streaks).

Now, after the treatment that rendered every one of these negative outcomes, I (a health care provider) could not recommend the treatment to anyone and will probably recommend really rethinking the procedure.

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My dentist is a cosmetic dentist and a very good one. I know that everyone has different outcomes. But each person deserves full disclosure, when undergoing any process...cosmetic or therapeutic

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