Teeth Whitening Was Too Temporary and Short-term Painful

My teeth whitening experience was with zoom teeth...

My teeth whitening experience was with zoom teeth whitener. My sense of things was that the treatment was a lot of money and time (ok, not a lot but certainly a big chunk of a day) for really disappointingly limited results. Instead of getting a great smile, I almost instantly saw signs of staining despite laying off coffee for a few days post whitening. The treatment itself was pretty surprisingly painful. About half way through the bleaching i started to get what the dental assistant called "zingers". This makes it sound fun. Zingers are hellish. Imagine someone taking a small ice pick and digging it into your jaw. It was blinding pain in flashes. I cowboyed up for the last half of the whitening, but my jaw was shaking uncontrollably and sweat was running down my body. something tells me that it's not the healthiest thing to get teeth whitening! the real sucky part was I thought the zingers would end once they sucked away the bleaching agent. Oh no. For the next 4 hrs i felt zingers and dull aching. I swear that when i got home i did 2 shots of vodka...and i hate vodka straight up. 2 aleve later i got relief and could resume life again, but as i said, the white teeth were actually fading by the time 72 hrs passed. so $600 later i'm left feeling ripped off by the whole thing. i suppose if i paid $150 I could some how justify the expense. my recommendation is to look for a home teeth whitener treatment. whatever you do, make sure you shop around. dentists will give you huge discounts on teeth whitening if you simply ask for it.
this product sucks major. i did on last friday. my teeth looks pretty much the same, and yes: PAINFUL. DONT DO IT! Not recommendede. Waste of money.
Products such as crest whitestrips and listerine dissolving strips whitening your teeth without any pain. I'd reccommend the crest whitestrips as i have had much better results with them than the dissolving strips. The dissolvings are pretty much ineffective since there isnt enough time for the peroxide to whitening teeth. but if you would like immediate results spa white teeth whitening is very reliable and cost-effective. I actually work at this place and have tried the product. I know you are thinking i am bias but it truly works. It was also painless and about a fraction of the the dentist cost. The time to whiten is also about 15 minutes, not hours like at the dentist. The peroxide percent in the product is also much higher than the strips. ( 33 percent, compared to 6 in the crest whitestrips preminium)
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