Teeth Whitening Hurt, but Brightened my Smile

It works but it was VERY pain full afterwords...

It works but it was VERY pain full afterwords.  I felt some pain to wards the last part of the last 20 minute session.  As soon as I was done the pain started.  It was a throbbing and sharp pain through out my teeth. They tell you to take Advil or Tylenol and to treat it like a headache.  I took 4 Advils in the 4 hours time frame and it didn't help at all.  In the end I started drinking Whiskey heavily and I felt much better.

I will warn anyone with sensitive teeth to think hard and prepare with some serious pain killers before going to the treatment.  Also it's not a good ideal to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist before the treatment because your teeth will become even more sensitive to the bleaching.

I will not go through the treatment again even if it was free.  I'm glad I woke up the next day with out any pain.  I'm very scared to brush my teeth now.  I'm afraid the pain will come back.  I will just have to take very good care of my teeth going forward and hopefully they will remain as white as they are now.

:) Whiskey, now there is a good 'ol traditional pain killer. Do you still have sensitive teeth. Have not done this, will not do this, the reviews on this site are too negative. Did you do the Zoom?
Better late than never :-) I actually used BriteSmile. I researched Zoom and heard it hurts a lot worst than Britesmile. I can only imagine. The only way I would do another session is with some strong pain killer before, during and after the treatment. It was so bad for me I can still remember the pain as if it was yesterday. It's been over 3 years.
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If you can tolerate dental pain and you have good strong teeth then it's worth it.

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