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TCA Peel Did Nothing for Me.

A few months ago I went to a spa and had a...

A few months ago I went to a spa and had a consultation. I wanted to get rid of a few acne marks and overall better my skin. They recomended I get a kind of harsh peel done called a TCA peel.

The next week I had it done. For the next five days after the peel I couldn't leave the house. The marks looked extremly red and my skin looked darkened (I am very fair). Then I started peeling which I was excited for becuase thats when I thought I would see the results. I didn't.

My skin felt softer for a few days but none of the marks were gone and it was a total waste of good money! I would recomend getting something more intense like microdermabrasion or something if you want results you can see.

for Burent Use Vinegar to clean your face. Curlss25 is right. DO NOT PICK YOUR FACE it cases scars. Let the skin come off naturally ONLY ! On Ingridcox I agree with the first commenter. You did not specific what strength the TCA was???? Usually it is only administered by a plastic surgeon not a spa and sometimes multiple tca applications make a difference.
NO DO NOT PICK PEEL or SCRUB your face!!!! Let your skin make it's natural progression. if you try to speed up the peeling process you may cause deep damage to the skin that will take may peels or laser to correct. Trim the excess skin with small clean scissors (FYI- clean w/ alcohol)This with help the flapping feel of the extra skin when you want to leave the house!!!
im now starting to peel like bad dry skin i heard i can peel this or rub it off just wait it out is this true because i really was to use a dry skin rub like a gritty face wash any advise
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She basically bullshitted me into buying a very expensive and worthless peel

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