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3X 30% TCA at Home, Awesome

I'm a 22 year old that was dealing with some...

I'm a 22 year old that was dealing with some some freckles and acne. I had one 15% TCA peel at a Derm's office that gave me disappointing results. That cost me $300 dollars. I purchased a half-ounce bottle of 30% TCA online and performed three multi-layered peels spaced 3 weeks apart. Huge success. Most of my freckles are completely gone and my skin is transformed.

ADVICE: Please spend the money at the dermatologist's office the first time and find out how your skin behaves. Everyone's skin reacts very differently to TCA. Do heavy research on TCA and after-care procedures before attempting yourself. I've been extremely systematic and cautious with my procedures.

Once you figure this out, never go back. It's a HUGE waste of money.

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Hey, I have a question...how was the pain level at 30% and were you able to do anything to help it (ie did you take medication)? I am concerned that I will not be able to tolerate the intense burning.
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Make sure you try it with a doctor first, everyone's skin reacts differently to TCA. Don't start at 30%. Start at 15-24% and do a small patch test on your cheek. That will give you a good idea. The pain is different for everyone, I happen to have a very high tolerance for pain. The first time at 15% the pain was worse than the first time at 30%, but tolerable by my standards.. Each time I did the 30% the pain was less. You will surely feel the burn at 30%, but I can't assure you the intensity of the pain.
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Thanks! I had a 15% done and it barely burned with no results. :)
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great advice to do research first!
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Hi Flugelphone,

Great advice for the community about doing your research and first seeing your doctor to get the info. We'd love to see pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and enjoy your holiday!


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