Uneven Breast Lift / Augmentation and Rippling - Detroit, MI

Dr. was very nice and gave me a deal on his...

Dr. was very nice and gave me a deal on his services. He says they look good when I know he's wrong. Now he says for $1200.00 he will try to fix the problem but I have since lost my job and do not have the money.

5 months ago I had a breast lift and augmentation. My saline implants were placed under the muscles. I have one nipple lower than the other and my breast are spaced too far apart. I also have rippling on the sides and underneath the breasts. Is this normal?

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Where did you go?
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Dr. Raj Gupta in Taylor. So many red flags but the price was right. Should have known better, because I am NOT naive.
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Thank you!
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'Normal' varies from person to person. Every person has some degree of lateral asymmetry. Regarding your mismatched nipple height, getting the augmentation may merely have highlighted what was already present. Depending on the degree of difference, this might only need a crescent lift on the one side to even things out. As for the spacing between your breasts, you don't mention your body type, but it sounds like you started out small and got a modest augmentation. If your surgeon had placed your implants closer together, you might notice that they're too close together. Not in terms of cleavage, but simply that they don't look 'right' in terms of the outer aspect of your breasts relative to your ribcage. (Try standing in front of a mirror and squeezing them together in an exaggerated manner to get an idea of what I'm talking about.) One way to improve upon this is to go to a larger implant and/or a lower profile (if you have high profile implants, go to a medium profile, and if you have medium profile implants, go to a low profile), combined with the appropriate adjustment in implant pocket. The obvious trade-off is that they would be bigger, which may or may not be something you want. So long as your implants aren't currently migrating into your armpits, it's likely that the current placement is appropriate.
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