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Hello everyone, i have been reading all your...

Hello everyone, i have been reading all your reviews (yes all of them) and getting more exited by the day. I will be having a tt on the 20th November and have just decided the other day to add breast implants to the pain. I have another appointmernt regarding that on the 7th October......how exiting. Im not ready to share a photo yet but will before i have the surgery. Im 47 next week and have wanted this for half my life.

Welcome to the Community!! So excited for you and can't wait to hear how everything goes, look forward to your photos too!

Take care!


excited,scared but counting down the weeks.

Hi everyone, its my birthday today and i have spent it pouring over before and after photos of other women!!!! Makes me sound a little odd. I swear im becoming obsessed by all this. I have apppintment on monday ( after doing 12 hr night shift) to discuss my implants. Im so excited im really struggling to sleep of a night. Bring on the 30th oct when i have to pay so then i know its all happening.

You are getting close to your big day. How are you feeling about it? Do you have your recovery supplies ready?

We are surgery twins almost, my TT is Nov 19! I am so excited! I have a hard time falling asleep at night too I am so excited. I think about it as soon as I wake up and talk about it all the time. Just so so excited! Yay us~!
We will be like a pair of cats on a hot tin roof by the time our surgery day arrives! I like you dont think about anything else.

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