I Tried Smart Lipo and Moved to Lipo-Ex to Fix It - Tampa

I tried smart lipo and had a lot of pain,...

I tried smart lipo and had a lot of pain, swelling, discomfort and uneveness. I never really lost any weight in total. I just lost an inch on my left side and gained half an inch on my right side !

I moved to Lipo-Ex Recently and have found that the uneveness is now gone. I have dropped two sizes and 10 lbs in half the treatments. There is zero pain, zero downtime, NO LUMPINESS ! My skin got tighter. And it's half the cost ! So, I'm sold. I feel the smart in smart lipo is for the doctors, not we the patients. I was able to get my treatments for lipo-ex on a special for $2500.

I'm curious who you used. I live in the same area. Also, would you say you had a lot of fat to lose or simply needed to even things out. I have saddlebags and I'm wondering if I need fat removal at this point.


Hi Land O Lakes -- Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your experience. How long did you wait between getting Smart Lipo and Lipo-Ex?

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