I'm Drawing Courage from All of YOU on This Site...

After reading hundreds and hundreds of people on...

After reading hundreds and hundreds of people on here sharing their stories and how they changed their lives and are usually more happy and content with their appearance overall, I'm finally going to start getting serious about getting my nose fixed.

After 2 severe sports injuries, It's been difficult to breathe for the past 30+ years or so. Also I have inherited a very ethnic (Italian-Middle Eastern) looking nose that has been weighing on my self esteem for most of my adult life. Most people understand what I'm talking about...some periods of my life I deal with it and get thru life fine but other times it's unbearable and I can't focus on anything else but changing it...it's a constant battle with myself...except who I am or make a change.

I'm so glad you're here and that you started your story! I knew from a young age that I would in no uncertain terms that I'd be getting this done. I did and don't regret it, but I do wish I'd done more research into my surgeon (there was no internet then). Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right rhinoplasty doctor for you.

Please keep us posted and do consider adding photos as they are proven to increase engagement on your story from others.

I applaud you for your courage and taking steps to do this for yourself!
Thank you so much...my decision to NOT accept it and make a change has rejuvenated me and put me on a new journey.
To Be Determined

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