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Upper/lower eyes, lifestyle lift, neck lift, lipo,...

upper/lower eyes, lifestyle lift, neck lift, lipo, laser around eyes

The results are fabulous, but it is serious stuff. I thought it would be easier that it was. I am not able to take narcotics, so my pain and discomfort experience was pretty awuful. It is, however, from the reviews I am reading, verrrrrrrrrry important that you choose the right doctor and make it absolutely clear that failure is not an option, and EXACTLY what your expectations are. This is serious surgury and should NOT be perfomed by a DO, or other medical professional that is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that specialized in facial and neck procedures. After all, alot can go wrong and you would want an expert at the wheel.

I love my results. I am 50 and look like I did when I was 30. I did upper and lower eyes, the lifestyle lift, neck lift and liposuction. If you want to restore your jaw line and neck, you cannot get perfect results without the neck lift and all the lipo. I love the results and I would recommend my Dr. in Tampa. While I have a little dry eye as a result of the eye procedure, it is manageable, and the results far outweigh the dry eye. I am hopeful it will go away.

I am 6 weeks post op and will try to post my pics. I am not so savy on this stuff. If you want to email me or talk about the procedure, I am happy to talk about it.

Thank you so much!
Hi, You look really great. I was planning on only taking 5 days off work, and cover up the remaining bruising and redness with dermablend I'm 66 yrs old light complected (natural strawberry blonde) do you feel that the 5 days is enough time? Do you feel the swelling and pain will be gone by then? Also about scaring is it bad and how long for the scabs and all to go away? My hair is cut in a very short pixi is it going to look bad?

I'm also having Dr. Swerdloff, MD do my lift. To give you a better idea as to answer better for me I'm having the lifestyle lift, laser over entire face, brow lift. Now my understanding is that the lifestyle lift with the little cut under the chin includes the neck is that correct? Also I live an hour and half away my friend is going to take me but is the drive going to be hard to do and go back the next day?


Thanks Pam
Your results look great and would like to say that the physician is EVERYTHING regardless of where they are working or whom they is working for but tell me...don't they offer any procedures without cutting. That's the info that they gave me. I'm only interested in the thermal process that regenerates collagen and some botox injections. Normally I would go to Maitland, but I think I'm going to travel to Clearwater and see your physician. Jowls run in my family...54 and 115 lbs, but still have turkey neck. Knew I was going to do something...just a matter of whom would perform the procedure. Thanks so much for posting!
Clearwater Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is the best. Compeletly understood my expectations and made it happen. Been very attentive and I'm glad I trusted. If you don't feel warm and fuzzy, choose another doc.

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