My Lifestyle Lift Facelift Looks Natural (Age 74)

I am 74 years young and was annoyed with my turkey...

I am 74 years young and was annoyed with my turkey neck, it gradually got worse.

I had the LSL and was pleased from the beginning, my teen age neck returned. I did all the things they recommended to do and healed quickly. I am in the seven week stage. I had no pain, a wonderful doctor and every one was so helpful. I would do it again. My husband is especially pleased.

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who was the Doctor thanks 4975shop
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That's great.
Can you share before and after pictures? I'd love to see your wonderful new face...I am so happy you did well.
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I will be 75 and very satisfied with my Lifestyle lift, neck and jaw line looks youthful.
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I spent a LOT of money - over $13,000. However, the blepharoplasty, lifestyle lift, laser, liposuction and neck-plasty results are fantastic! Healing took a very long time and I do have some minor residual scarring. Name withheld, please. Work done in Beverly Hills
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No pain? Truly unbelievable unless you were comatose during and post-op. But- Good for you, so glad you are happy. Just wondering ,if you are happy, why not mention your great doc.?? Take Care and Happy Healing..PS- Did you have eye work done too? You look so familiar, but it's hard to tell with a half picture presented.
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