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I was motivated to take the shots after my friend...

I was motivated to take the shots after my friend told me about them.
They worked for me and I did lose some weight. My stomach decreased and I had tons of energy. I exercised along with the injections because I have always been motivated to exercise. I also eat lots of vegetables, beans for fiber and lots of water.


I lost my weight 3 years ago and still continue to get my MIC/B12 shots they are the best for energy and for cleansing your kidneys... No matter what diet or healthy eating plan you follow a MIC/B12 should be a part of it...
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I get into many experiences here and I find this website is best for get your all answer. Thanks!!
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Thank you for starting your review:)  Are you still taking the shots?

How much weight have you lost so far?

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Zhoy Vitality cente

Zhoy is the way to go. The office staff and physicians are so friendly and helpful. I would not go anywhere else to get this treatment.

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