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Hi every one I'm so very excited worried an all of...

Hi every one I'm so very excited worried an all of the above. I'm having my TT in Tampa Fl dr. Albear plasticsergeon
July 28, 2012. I'm kind of worried have had several procedures but now Im 50 age is a big thing I think what about some older people please let me know how you did with your surgery I'm having as a out payment.

Ok went yesterday June 15, 2012 to do my pre-op...

Ok went yesterday June 15, 2012 to do my pre-op EKG and blood work. Then went to Dr, Albears office to sign consents and while going over before and after things found out I did write down they I take hormones and The Dr was out of town and the nurse he likes you to be off of them for 30 days so we will see Monday if I still get to have my surgery on June 28, 2012. Kind of bummed out on that because I have to worry longer so praying that it will be ok that I stopped taking yesterday.

Welcome to RealSelf.  Hang in there and this will happen:)  Better to be safe than sorry before the surgery.  That's great they are so on top of things.

Keep us up to date on everything.


Ok just spoke with Jeri my nurse and she said it...

Ok just spoke with Jeri my nurse and she said it is a go yeah.
So now I start this journey I said I'm not going to get any sleep
for the next two weeks because of course you cannot stop
your brain from thinking all kinds of things. So ok I have
a justible bed of my own so my husband is taking it to my
daughters house in Tampa because I live in Tavares that
is about 40 miles north of Orlando because I will be staying
with her while I'm healing and my dr office is right down the
street from my daughters house. I have my moms walker
and her shower chair so I think after I get all my other things
together I will be set yeah.
Good luck on June 28!
How I change over to just tummy tuck and not a revision?
Hi, when you want to review and comment on tummy tuck forum, select someones profile and see if they have comments that have "tummy tuck" in the subject line. For instance if you click on my profit you will see that I have made a post regarding tummy tucks. Then just click on someone elses who has the same subject. Hope this helps. :)

Wow that was fast all done. Went in Thursday...

Wow that was fast all done. Went in Thursday morning June 28, 2012 at 8:00am had all my paper work filled out went into or table at 10:15 two hours later minus 11 pounds gone came home was walking good humped over of course pain not any where as bad as I thought it was going to be THANK GOD FOR THAT AND LOTS OF PRAYERS.

Glad to hear you are done:)   Eleven pounds is a very good amount.  WOW

Congrats magrums, welcome to the flatside! Hope you are feeling well, 11 pounds thats great! I only had four pounds removed. Still fat removed is fat removed. Can't wait to see your results. :)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Seeing him for the 3rd time Friday June 15, 2012 so far he is very upfront and very concerned about his patients.

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