Smart Lipo on Abs Left Me Disfigured - Tampa, FL

Had smart lipo on abs. I am 5,9 145, in my 40,s...

Had smart lipo on abs. I am 5,9 145, in my 40,s have 2 kids. Wanted this done for awhile and i am so sorry I did this. The dr. was late for my surgery and was gone befor I was. he rushed through the whole thing and now I am left with a 10 inch rope across the top of my belly button, along with lumps and uneveness. This procedure was something I was looking forward to for a while and saved $$ for.

Dr Jay Willner

Dr W disfigured my abs, told me to come back month after month to check it and tell me its just swelling. today told me he could fix it if I pay for a revesion. Total scam. Dr W could care less about your feelings and how you look. Only wants your $$ Beware of this doctor

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Hi piglet32,

Thanks for the review and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. How are you doing today? Please keep us updated.



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