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Smart Lipo Done 1 Week Ago... I Look Like I'm Pregnant - Tampa, FL

I had lost 30 lbs in the past 6 months. I eat...

I had lost 30 lbs in the past 6 months. I eat right and work out every day. I had what you call a tire around my belly button. Fat right in the middle of my abdomen that would not go down no matter what I did.

I had my upper and lower abdomen done 1 week ago. So far the whole healing has been pretty good. What upsets and concerns me is that on day 2, it looked awesome! It was flat and on the right track where I wanted it. Now I just have a bulge. It's not flat. It pretrudes out at the top of my belly button again :-( smaller then before, but it's still there. I look like I'm one of the those skinny pregnant girls! (I was never skinny and pregnant, lol).

No matter how much I tug on my garment to flatten my belly, it's there. I'm so afraid it's going to stay that way. I sleep on my back (stiff by the way) and try not to sit too much (I don't know if that's hurting it!!) I still massage at night, not sure what I'm doing but I do it.

I ordered a smaller garment but I still want to be able to breathe. My just doesn't seem tight enough on my belly, only everywhere else. I just want what I saw on day 2 to come back! Any advice?

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same thing happened here, any update pictures???
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Try the lymphatic drainage massages. For some reason the donut area swells really bad and if those tissues remain inflamed they will heal that way. I'm starting Velashape for mine, after I massaged for 2 months. The other areas look awesome but the belly button area seems to hold on to the fluid and slow to retract.
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Yep, totally normal. But BTW it looks smaller for sure than original picture (not that it was huge before). I looked super thin the next day then bloated up for about a month. It was very discouraging. I am about 7 weeks now. I still feel large in areas but quit wearing my garment 3 weeks ago. I should probably go put it back on.
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I felt the exact same way, I looked nice and flat 2 days after even lost a couple pounds. A few days after I looked like I had no type of surgery done. At my 1 week post op they said its normal all my swelling is in the center of my stomach surrounding my bellybutton. Today I noticed some improvement , the sweeping is going down and my stomach is a little flatter then it was 3 days ago. Just give it time. Hope this helps.
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Post op swelling is completely normal. It takes 4-6 months to see your actual results. I would check with your doc if you don't think your garment fits properly, just to be sure! I'm 3 weeks out and swelling is still pretty bad.
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Hi Carla, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns? I haven't had Smart Lipo myself, but from what I've read swelling can take a few days to show and a few weeks to go away.

It's probably best to speak to your doctor and see what they can tell you about your swelling and concerns.

Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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