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I haven't seen too many male reviews of Smart Lipo...

I haven't seen too many male reviews of Smart Lipo so I decided to add one. I have considered Smart Lipo for a few months now and decided to go ahead and do it. I am a 20 year old guy and have had a bit of fat around my abdomen for a while. I have tried diet and other things but it doesn't want to go away. I am a bit nervous about the procedure but excited as well. Is there anything that anyone can suggest to help me prepare or get through the procedure as easily as possible.


don't do it. use regular lipo. Im a male and had this done 6 weeks ago and I am a mess. stomach was oversuctioned. lumps, bumps, and dents all over. even if the bumps subside, I will still need a fat graft for the part of my stomach where the skin is like the skin on the back of your hand. worst ecision I ever made in my life. I paid 6k for the "destroy my stomach and ruin my life" procedure. hope this helps. msg me if you have any questions
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Buy lots of maxi pads, arnica, be prepared with a lot of comfy clothes to comfy clothes to change into. U will leak a lot !! Have lots of Beach towels to lay down. Procedure is not bad at all !! I'm only 3 hrs out and I had several areas done and I feel great !! BTW the max pads are to but outside your garment to absorb the fluids that will be leaking out !!
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