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Extremely happy with my veneers, I've had them for...

Extremely happy with my veneers, I've had them for 4 years now and I'm 24 years old. I had braces first to help with the final out come of the veneers. I had a lot of room in my mouth and my teeth were really small. So the orthodontist could not fix my teeth with just braces (I went to two different orthodontist to make sure) They said even if we push them all together, they are so small that it "just will not look right". So I had my front six teeth veneered, it was a long process. I wore braces for about a year until they would do my veneers. The temporaries suck, but believe me they look nothing like the permanents. When it was all said and done it was well worth it. I smile all the time :)


It was for 6 teeth, but the $6k includes the price of braces. Just for the 6 veneers I paid $4k.
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I am still doing my research regarding prices. You're stating you paid about $6k (mind me asking for how many teeth was that for?)-I know prices varies and my case seems to be very similar to yours, only I might do a gum surgery before getting the porcelain veneers.
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Thank you fro reassuring me Molli- I really appreciate it! Was feeling very panicked that my teeth would feel this horrid with the actualy veneers, but reading your reply makes me feel more positive :)
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