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I know that I will be in excellent hands when I...

I know that I will be in excellent hands when I get my surgery done by sono bello. iam so very excited about it. the people at sono bello are so very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. this really puts my mind at great ease. this is really going to be for me a life changing experience that iam really looking forward too!!!! I can hardly wait to get started!!!! THANK YOU SONO BELLO FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU WILL BE DOING FOR ME!!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.

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I have not had the procedure yet but I'm looking forward to it very much! Thanks again Rennea Burgess.

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When are you booked for surgery?  I think there is a typo in your surgery cost- let me know if you want me to fix that for you.
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I have not been booked for surgery yet. I need to get the rest of the money together before I can set a date for the surgery to be done!!!! thank you very much, rennea burgess.
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Gotcha- well keep us posted on everything!
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