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Juvederm in Lips - Wish It Lasted Longer!

Had Juvederm injected along my upper and lower lip...

Had Juvederm injected along my upper and lower lip line about 4 mos ago and there doesn't seem to be much left :( Not sure exactly how much I had injected - it was a mini syringe of some sort. I've heard it may not last as long in the lips as part of the face that don't move as much. This seems to be true in my case. The procedure itself wasn't bad - between numbing and ice it wasn't that uncomfortable.

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Bummer it didn't last longer! 4 mos is pretty short for the $. Some people say that after they have had it done a couple of times the filler seems to last longer. Do you think you will try it again, or does it just not feel worth it to you?

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