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33 Year Old Female - Tampa, FL

I had this cool sculpting done last week and the...

I had this cool sculpting done last week and the pain is excruciating. I go to sleep with pain and wake up to pain. It's the abdomen that I mostly feel this pain on but sometimes the pain runs to the top of my belly button. I am so swollen and numb. I took all types of pain killers but none seem to do the trick. So now I was prescribed oxycodone by the emergency room doctor. If I knew I was going to experience this much pain I would have not gone through this at all
Please to not take the Oxy. It doesn't help. You need the nerve-blocker, Neurontin but it may be too late to it. My Dr said to take it at the 1st sign of pain. Many gals here have gotten relief wearing tight garments & also rubbing in Arnica gel.
Sorry to hear you have so much pain. Have you tried a light compression cami, some topical like curicaine (Walgreens) light message? One or all may help, others on here may share other things they've tried...all the best!
A Tech from Dr. Jacin Facial Rejuvenation

The Tech that performed this procedure was also the receptionist. She did not measure me she just took pictures. She was nice but I was not too comfortable with a tech doing what a Doctor or a nurse should be doing. While in the treatment I told her that I was in pain but she said it's normal.

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