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I have been reading a lot of individual's outcomes...

I have been reading a lot of individual's outcomes from their bbl, and I'm very pleased to hear all positive things. I'm excited but scared at the same time due to me living out of state and I do work in an office where I sit down 9hrs pr. day. So I'm researching a lot of info. I didn't know it was so much prior to the procedure. I am going to post my before pics, the day I fly out and will post my after pics when the procedure is done.
How exciting that you are so close to your surgery date!  Check out this link for some great pre-op info like shopping lists and the best Q&A.  Keep us posted!
Thank you for the info. I'm extremely scared but excited at the same time...
Premier Center for Cosmectic Surgery

I haven't met my doctor yet but the Lady (Melanie) that I have been communicating with is a wonderful, person. Hopefully everyone of the staff members are the same.

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