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Had my first procedure in CA, @2yrs ago. Had...

Had my first procedure in CA, @2yrs ago. Had issues with breasts being uneven. Very excited about upcoming procedure. Will be removing 400-425cc saline implants, & replacing them with 650-700cc silicone implants. Let's start with the consultation... Dr. Castor's Before & After pictures are great!! He is very personable. Seemed to be very interested in what I wanted the desired result to be. Explained to me that I needed a lift on both sides, more on the right side & my breasts needed to be a little closer together. Said he would be able to do all this through a small incision around my areola!! He spent at least 30-45mins or longer with me. At the pre-op appt., Dr. Castor spent another 30-45mins reviewing everything we talked about before. I received my scripts & bras, too. Now, I don't have to run around "crazy", at the last minute getting things. Feel very comfortable with my upcoming surgery!! Will keep u updated.

Good luck on Friday! Curious as to how your original PS responded to your dissatisfaction with your first surgery? Glad you found a PS you like. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the differences in implants, recovery, and results from the two surgeries. Looking forward to your update. Thanks for sharing on RealSelf!

Thank you, Beth!! It has been 6 days since my surgery... Let me say, Dr Castor is amazing. He did a great job. My breasts look fabulous!! Minimal breast pain. Will post pictures very soon. I'm still all bandaged because I'm 5ft 4in & weigh 130lbs, & have 700cc silicone breast implants... Dr. Castor wants me to stay bandaged for, at least 2wks, until they are healed. My former PS doesn't know yet that I was dissatisfied with my previous surgery. I'm emphasizing YET & that's all I'll say about that.... Dr. Castor had to spend an extra couple hours fixing some unexpected surprises during surgery!!

Hooray...I'm happy to hear you're your surgery went well and you like your results!  Glad you will eventually say something to your original PS. It's important for the to know that their patient was unhappy with their results. Was your original incision through your areola? Can't wait for your photos!

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