3 Times is More Than Enough! 54 with 400cc Silicone - Tampa, FL

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories,...

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories, pictures and experiences. For about the past month or so I have been following many of you and your progress and now feel like I’m well informed on what to expect before during and after the surgery, and how to take care of them after. That information is so valuable and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto this forum/ website.

My story started 17 years ago in 1997 when I was 37 years old. I had always been endowed (36D) during high school and up until I had my daughter they were pretty perky but they had lost their fullness and I wasn’t happy with them anymore. A friend had recently had BA done and she was thrilled about them and they looked wonderful and she just thought she had the best PS ever. I made an appointment with him, thinking maybe I just needed a lift. He thought if I just had implants put in I wouldn’t need the lift. Well I went with what he recommended. I don’t remember what size he put in me… but they were huge, like around a 38DD. I remember sitting in his office during one of the follow up visits in tears. His assistant tried to tell me that they were beautiful… I knew they weren’t. I didn’t want bigger. I wanted firmer. Not only were they huge but they seemed to sag farther then my originals.

I dealt with them for three years until I got the nerve and money to have them done again but this time I did some research and interviewed several PS. In 2000 my new PS performed a lift and exchanged the implants. He did a wonderful job and I was very happy with them until I started getting capsular contracture on the right breast. So in 2004 I had another set of implants done, this time silicone implants.

So…. yes that’s right… that make’s 3 sets in 7 years!!

Well about 4 years into the third set, I started getting capsular contracture in the right breast again and also the left. I refused to have another set and was afraid to have them removed because of what I thought my breasts would look like after… so I’ve dealt with the issue for the past 5 years. This has included monthly visits to my PS for heated ultrasound treatments to try and keep the capsule loosened and also taking MSM (glucosamine) daily. I believe that these treatments have helped as it has not gotten any worse and I have not been in any pain. (Though sometimes at night I have trouble sleeping on my side due to the way they fall. If I sleep with a body pillow pulled in tightly next to my breasts it’s more comfortable.)

Anyway my last mammogram in May revealed intracapsular rupture on the right breast. So at this point I really don’t have a choice, they have to come out. I’m scheduled to have that done on August 21st. I’ve questioned my PS on another lift being done at the same time, but he said a lift may not be necessary and that I should wait 6 month post to decide on that. I’m hoping that he is right about that and think after seeing all of you ladies with your wonderful results maybe I won’t need one either.

It pretty much makes me sick when I think of the money I spent for these things that I’ve had such a love hate relationship with for so many years. I did find out that my 10 year warranty on my implants is not up until October, so at least the surgery center and my PS are covered at 100%.

I’m not sure if I’ve had any medical issues related to the implants. I have had some knee (joint) pain and I’m fatigued sometimes and maybe have a foggy brain once in a while. I’m thinking maybe that is just a part of being 54 years old now. We will see if they disappear after the surgery.

I have gone ahead and purchased a couple of Playtex/Bali sports bra’s but have left the tags on just in case they are not the correct size they can be returned. I guess it’s really a guessing game at this point as to what size I’ll need, I currently wear a 36DD, so I thought maybe a 36D might work. Actually the one’s I got cover a range of sizes so I should be good with them.

I really can’t believe how excited I am about getting these out! More so than when I got them. I’m so curious about what I’m going to look like afterwards since there was a lift preformed when the second set was done and I have nothing to compare it to without implants. I can’t wait to hug someone without feeling the pressure against me or worrying that they can feel them. I’m sure I will sleep better and shopping for clothes will be an entirely different experience!

I did not realize until after taking these pictures how terrible they really are!! yuk!

Pre-Op is on the 19th of August, so I'll update then.
Awe I'm sorry to hear your story I myself know too well the struggle of your body not excepting then. I had 2 augmentations and now 2 explants! The first Dr that did my explant was Dr.Melmed in TX and he was wonderful but he removed everything including capsule bc they had been in for 7 years he in addition did a benelli lift I should have left it at that because they were beautiful but of course I didn't ugh but now I'm here on other side again and will never go back. .. You will love your outcome trust me you will feel so free and emotional and just you... Big relief and you will see your body changing without these foreign things in because your body is saying thank you thank you. .. Life will be brand new for you again and you will be happy you did this. .... Good luck!!
Thank you so much for the kind words. Actually brought tears to my eyes. Four days away and I'm starting to get a little nervous and a little emotional too. Can't wait to be implant free.
You'll be so happy you did it!! Lots of love your way!! Be strong hopeful and don't worry is going to go great and you will look beautiful!!!!

Less than 48 hours!

Had my pre op today with the surgeon and the surgery center. Signed lots of paper work.... pretty much saying I know all the risks. He wrote four prescriptions. Antibiotics, pain killers, sleeping aid and also something for nausea. I'm all set to go on Thursday morning. Grocery shopping is done, laundry is done and the house is clean so all my husband has to do is take care of me! Lol. I'm calm right now but this morning I was very nervous, just worrying about getting there on time and also going under again. I'm really very happy to be having the implants removed and just getting on with life implant free! I just wanted to say thank you too all the ladies who have shared your stories. It has made going through this easier.
Larlabear, I'm so excited for you! You are going to look and feel so much better. Prayers and healing wishes your way on Thursday!
thank you!

:) Excited to be on the Other Side!

The explant went well today. It was scheduled for 10:30 but I did not get taken to the surgery room until noon. Needless to say I was starving by then. The procedure took around an hour. Just the implants removed and I was put under for it. I have two drains that are producing very little. I normally get sick from the sleep medication but this time I haven't. I've taken one pain killer under the direction of my caring husband, tho I don't think I needed it. Really no pain at all. Just my throat is really sore from the tubes. I have a follow-up in the morning and I'm excited for the "little" reveal.
Congrats. CONGRATS hope your feeling well. Happy healing!!!!
Thank you Allnaturalplease. I'm feeling great!
Congrats on being on the other side!!!!! YAY!!!! Try to rest as much as possible and thank you for letting us know (so quickly) about your progress !!! Let the healing begin!!!

Day One! The Big.... I mean Little reveal. :)

I had my follow up this morning with my surgeon. He told me the left was ruptured... not the right as had been reported from my last mammogram. He said all was looking good so far and he gave me husband instructions on removing the drains on Monday if I didn't want to make the trip to the office. So far I'm very happy with the out come. Just hoping the left drops a little or the right retracts enough to even then out. Still no pain. I do have very dry mouth though.
Congratulations on your explant!! You really do look beautiful even after just one day, it will only get better from here. Wishing you happy, healthy healing and lots of rest!
Thank you for the well wishes. Was feeling great earlier today but really feeling exhausted tonight. Taking it easy and getting some much needed rest now.
Your breasts look so good - so much better than with the implants. You are healing quickly and once those drains are out - the worse will be over. I bet they will even out with some time - it's only been ONE DAY Larlabear!!! Thanks for being so sweet to update us!

Day Two. Feeling a little down.

Not quite feeling myself today. Kind of disconnected from everything. Something weird going on with my face. Swelling under my eyes and around where my sinuses are. Yesterday that area was flushed and warm. Wondering if I've had some kind of reaction to the anestesia. I think it has improved since yesterday though. Didn't take any photo's today. They are looking pretty sad. I'm not in any pain, just the incision is sore as well as the drain sites. I can't wait to get these drains out. I feel very restricted with them and they hurt when they accidentally get moved. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
Are you getting excited about your drains coming out?? You will feel so much better after those go.. I remember with my first ex plant with Dr melmed , that when those came out it was another relief!!:-)
Yes!! They came out this morning.... I feel human again! Thank you for checking in with me. I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow.
Yay :-*

Day Four ~ Feeling like myself again!

This morning my drains were removed and I feel like I've been set free!! It was a little uncomfortable but was quick. My skin around the incisions look a little angry (red). My skin is very sensitive and it does not take much to set it off. Needless to say it's not happy with the stitches and is starting to itch. I picked up some liquid Benadryl that will help. I've had to use it before with other surgery's. The stitches are not coming out until next Tuesday... hope I can last that long. If anyone has any experience with that issue I'd love to hear what you have done for it. Anyway spent the day on the go today. A trip to Sears to exchange two Playtex sports bra's I had purchased for after the surgery. Waaayyyy to big!! lol. Guess I expected to retain some of that fullness!! Actually quite pleased they are smaller than I expected. Of course it's hard to tell now, but I'm thinking they might only be a C when its all said and done. And then a trip to Wal-mart for a new scale.... mine just died. Meals have been kind of crazy here for the last 5 days and it's time to get back to healthier eating so stopped at the fresh produce market too. Looking forward to tomorrow's shower without the hassle of dealing with the drains!! Updated pictures to follow then too!!
I'm glad the drains are out....try not to overdo it. Rest. The worst part is over and every day from now on will be a beautiful healing process for you!

Day Five ~ First Shower Drain Free!

I'm pretty sure I heard birds singing above me when I stepped into the shower this morning. What a wonderful feeling. Felt great to wash my hair. The breasts are starting to even out as far as the levelness, but there are differences in the shape. Actually cupped them in my hands while showering and washing them. They are soooo soft! As you can see from the pictures my skin is angry with stitches, but no pain or itching today. My stitches are on the side of the breast as he used the original site used during a previous surgery. I think this has worked out well as the sports bras are not rubbing on anything underneath. I know the scar will end up being almost invisible has it had before. I don't go back to work until Thursday so I'm just enjoying the time to relax.
You look wonderful! Good for you and congratulations!!
Woohoo so happy for you drains are out! You look great!! It's so amazing how they seem to change everyday. Keep relaxing until you have to go back to work!
WOW, look at the progress you have made in just 5 days, you look wonderful! So happy for you that you got your drains out, isn't that the best feeling? Wishing you continued happy healing!

Day 6 ~ Last day before going back to work.

My husband went back to work yesterday and I go back tomorrow so I spent the day with my Mom. Lunch and lite shopping for a few more sports bras. Not sure if I mentioned earlier in my review, but my 84 year old Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had a double mastectomy. Says she does not miss them.... or wearing a bra!! She is so happy that I've had the implants removed.

Anyway I felt good today but while in the dressing room I noticed I had red bumps (rash) all over my back. I called and spoke with my PS and he told me that since the antibiotics are the only thing I'm still taking to discontinue them and it should clear up.
You look great! Don't go crazy tomorrow at work - move slowly and take some breaks! Continue to hydrate a lot and eat as healthy as possible - you are still healing. Congrats!!!!
Thank you Happy and Holistic. I have a desk job, so it should be easy going. Pretty sure I might be wanting a nap sometime in the afternoon though. I've really stressed my normal sleeping/awake routine schedule. lol (staying up late and sleeping in and napping)

Day 7 ~ Back to Work

As much as I would have preferred not to I had to go back to work today. It went fine except my lower back is bothering me I think from sleeping on my back at propped up angle and then sitting at my desk all day. I'm a side sleeper and have not felt comfortable enough to try it yet. I woke up several times last night trying to get comfortable. Happy that tomorrow is Friday and then I'll have another 3 days off for Labor Day. Hope you all have a wonderful and restful Labor Day weekend!
Thanks for the update Larlabear - take it easy tomorrow and ENJOY a super relaxing LONG 3 day weekend!!!!
You look wonderful!! Enjoy the 3 day weekend! It just gets better and better every day!

Day 8 ~ Side Sleeping

Went to bed last night propped up on my back but as the night wore on my back started hurting and I gradually started eliminating pillows. By the time my alarm went off at 6AM I was on my side and flat. It felt great!! And I think it's alright as I have the boobies tightly wrapped at night anyway. By the end of the day today tho my back was hurting again so I ended up taking half a pain killer to be able to relax tonight. Looking forward to a full night's sleep on my side tonight!!

Day 11~ Totally back to me!

Just an update to say all is well. I've been sleeping on my side with a body pillow now for four nights and the back pain I was having is gone. Still keeping the breast wrapped pretty tight during the day and at night. I have to tell you that I love my little breasts!! I didn't realize how much those implants were in the way of everything I did. Feels like I dropped 10 pounds... I feel much slimmer!! I have an appointment tomorrow to have the stitches removed. Can't wait to start massaging with coconut oil. Will post more pictures at the two week mark. Hope you all have a wonderful week.
I'm glad to hear that you are liking your soft natural boobs - I can't wait to be on the other side. Thank you for updating us Larlabear - it's very encouraging!
two weeks and you will be there! I'm excited for you!!

Day 12 ~ Stitches Removed..... and a little bummed!

I had the stitches removed today which was pain free and he said I was looking great. They want me back in three weeks for another follow up. I asked when I can start the massaging with coconut oil and was told I need to wait another two to three weeks! WTH?? I'm pretty sure I've read on here that others started sooner than that. Oh yeah on his way out the door he said the only thing that could go wrong from here is if one starts to swell in the next few weeks and if so to make sure I call the office. Really?? Nothing like trying to scare me! So ladies... I'm reaching out to the ones that are on the other side.... when did you start the massaging?
I am 3 weeks out and my doctor hasn't mentioned massage. I do need to keep the surgical tape over the incision sites for 6 weeks (changing when it comes loose) to help the scars heal nicely. I do gently moisturize with almond oil each day.
Thank you for letting me know that DDDnomo! It was two weeks on Thursday. No tape for me anymore. I have started using just a little coconut oil on them very lightly. No massaging and staying away from the incision.
I look forward to reading what comments you get on here about when the gals started the massaging. I had my pre-op appt. today and asked about massaging and was told NOT to. Tight compression for 3 weeks.

Day 18 ~ Continuing to Heal.

Feeling great. I've started using a little coconut oil just to lightly moisturize until I get the go ahead from my PS to massage. I really thought there was no change since my last photo's at day 5, but after taking today's photo's I realized they most certainly are continuing to change. Just in the past few days I've had a few twinges in my right breast. My incisions are healing great.

Current Photo

You look fabulous!! Isn't it crazy how they seen to change daily?? So glad everything is going well for you!!
Thank you!!
You do continue to change and your girls are looking symmetric and awesome!
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