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Botox Nightmare - Tampa, FL

I had Botox last week for the first time. Just...

I had Botox last week for the first time. Just wanted to soften some lines on my forehead. The place I went explained to me how safe the treatment was and the only real side effect was a little bruising if that.
It has been one week to the day. I have had the worst headaches of my life!! Itching and burning in the scalp within hours. Then that night horrible head pain and within 3 days the terrible body aches( like the flu) and muscles pain. Could not sleep for 3 nights due to the pain.
Went back to Dr on day 4. She said there was NO way any of these problems were related to Botox and even asked me if I wanted a bit more to finish off my forehead!!! Tomorrow going to another Dr. Yikes!!!!
You really need to read this. This person had the same symptoms as you in the beginning.... http://www.realself.com/review/south-surrey-bc-paralysed-and-confined-wheelchair-from-botox-cosmetic

Thanks for posting a review about your experience. How did the doctor appointment today go?

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