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When my rep suggested your product and how great...

When my rep suggested your product and how great it worked, she said you should "try it" and so I did. Yes, I did sign a yellow customer form, but did NOT read ALL of the fine print on the back (By the way, 99% do not read ALL the fine print !!!) My rep should have verbally told me and pointed out the cancellation policy/fee of $50.00. She was like "try it"... blah blah.... So it tried it, I was unfortunately disappointed that it didn't reduce any inches, so I am now cancelling my autoship before the 3 month policy. My suggestion if you want to be a respected company, you would be more transparent about your cancellation fee. Customers can't be expected to respect your brand, if you don't show transparency in return..

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Hidden fees? From your own statement above, you admit to not reading the terms and canceled prior to the 3 months. Take responsibility for self and be the 1% that does read the fine print. Company upheld their end of the written contract.
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Thanks for sharing your experience.  I'm sorry you didn't get any results.  Don't you pay a $50 activation fee too for the customer loyalty program?  Or is that only if you cancel inside of three months?
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